The family-friendly film about transition that's full of feels

WARNING: Spoilers!!!

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Recently a friend of mine pointed out the overwhelmingly relatable aspects of the film ‘Bicentennial Man’ as it pertains to the struggles that Trans people undertake in order to be seen as equally valued as everyone else. While I wasn’t dismissive about this idea of similarity, I also wasn’t convinced that one could equate the journey of a robot transitioning to live as a man to that of a Transgender person. But then I watched it…

The robot as a metaphor for a Trans person actually seems very apt, because as we transition we receive generalized resistance from not only…

The Penalties of Cashing Out

For the longest time there had been stories about a Mysterious “Black American Express Card.” Until the late 90’s it was in fact just a myth. Looking to capitalize on the hype that the myth had already instilled within the modern lexicon, American Express decided to make this fiction a reality. Today the hyper-rich might be offered an invitation to carry what’s now officially called the “American Express Centurion Card.”

Possession of the Centurion card has a plethora of perks; the most noteworthy of which is an undefined spending limit. But in reality, the card is less about what it…

Keep your expectations grounded and honest

When I began transitioning I would often find myself telling my wife that she didn’t need to feel sad, because I was still the same person. Three and a half years later, and now two days following our divorce, I can plainly see that was untrue. But the person I was lying to the most was myself.

I suppose I would have said anything to keep the life I had intact, and that was destined to include a full dose of self-delusion. I disassociated myself from the man I once pretended to be, and with each passing day I made…

No One Would Choose This Life

When I was less than 6 years old I had already realized I shouldn’t have been a boy.

I spent years praying that God would “fix me…”

They didn’t.

I eventually went through a male adolescence whilst praying that the new testosterone in my veins would align my brain with by body…

It didn’t.

I continued to live a life that had been dictated on the day of my birth by a physician who made a cursory examination of my genitals and determined who I was.

Living that falsehood meant a lifetime of hiding and shame. It meant self-destruction, addictions…

My Primrose Path is Littered with Thorns

I suppose I have had some amazing advantages throughout my transition. I was wildly accepted by nearly all my blood and extended family. My wife didn’t leave me. My employer accepted me. And being open about my journey lead me to new and exciting friendships.

Now that all the braggadocio is out of the way, wanna guess how much of that is true? I’ll tell you; almost none of it.

It’s time to be brutally honest about how my life has been less-than what could have been wrongfully extrapolated from my previous writings. Much of what goes awry in the…

This isn’t the beginning of the end, it’s the end of the beginning.

As I have made my way through my transition. one thing has become abundantly clear; people extrapolate much about who I am as a person, and the stability of the life I live simply by looking at my photos. It needs to be noted that in almost every case, what people believe about me is not the full story, and it’s time to be brutally honest about that.

Now, to be fair, much of what I have documented in my blogs have been savagely forthright. To that credit, I think that honesty has resonated with the vast majority of my…

Just two years ago, I stood before a small gathering of people in front of Expressions Community Church in Oklahoma City and I gave a speech that I hoped would empower people. I hoped to drive home the point that those who we’ve lost to hate are not really gone, but rather serving as beacons for our cause; a reason to persist.

Today I will attend this same event in the wake of more deaths. I will continue to stand resolute with my Trans brothers, sisters, and allies, to proclaim that I am NOT broken. I am still here, and…

The conservative media propaganda machine has been losing its mind over a Texas-based custody battle regarding a Transgender Child. The child , who was assigned male at birth, identifies as female; and has an affirming mother, and a non-affirming father. The decision to permit a primary conservatorship to the child’s affirming mother was determined by an 11–1 jury.

Unsatisfied with the efficacy of the already conservative-leaning Texas Justice system, the child’s father, Jeffrey Younger, decided that he was going to appeal to a higher power. …

Those who have been following my transition here have been exposed to the evolving nature of my marriage; I share these intimate details because loving a person in transition comes with more peaks and pitfalls than most can really predict. This is the story of what I hope is the last major pitfall in my marriage.

About six months ago my wife and I agreed to have an open (Polyamorous) marriage. In the beginning this was absolutely self serving. I had been struggling with addressing a sexuality that had been closeted within the confines of a heterosexual existence; sexuality that…

It’s a numbers game, and they clearly don’t care about the numbers.

Recently the conservative media decided that in their attempt to prevent “gender confused” children (their words) from pursuing Transgender healthcare they would employ a scare tactic regarding a popular puberty blocking medication; the medication in question is Lupron.

Lupron is a medication that is used to treat prostate cancer in men, Endometriosis, and Fibroids in Women, as well as Central Precocious Puberty (CPP) in children. In all cases, the drug is utilized to suppress natural sex hormones. …

Kira Wertz

Pansexual, Polyamourous, Transgender Truck Driver, public speaker, activist, LGBTQ advocate, Jeeper and primary author at The Transition Transmission.

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